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The Kagan Kalender offers you an overview of wave, gothic, electro en industrial concerts and parties in the Benelux. The list is compiled with the aid of organisers of these parties and concerts and other website visitors who submit these events. After approval by the webmaster the events are published on the Kagan Kalender. You can submit your event via this link.

The Kagan Kalender came into existence in 1995. In September that year the first paper edition of the Kagan Kalender was published. This was a double-sided A4 with wave, gothic, electro and industrial concert and party dates, complemented with some cd reviews and info on big festivals.abroad

The paper version appeared every two weeks. The free party and concert calendar with a complete overview for Belgium and the Netherlands was distributed on different locations in Belgium and the Netherlands (almost) every week.

In 1997 the Kagan Kalender website was introduced that also listed the concert and party dates. The website became popular in a very short period of time.

The 4th generation of the website was the most successful edition. The design was totally updated and the most important new feature was the edition of dates in Luxembourg. So the Kagan Kalender truly became THE wave gothic electro industrial party and concert agenda for the Benelux. Next to that the Kagan Kalender Kompakt was replaced by a RSS feed. The final addition that was extremely successful was the possibility to advertise on the Kagan Kalender. This opportunity was aimed at the party and concert organisers themselves so they were able to attract additional attention for their event for only a small fee.

The current 5th version is a simpler reincarnation of the Kagan Kalender. Limited (free) time available to the Kagan team to maintain the site, the decline of the amount of events and the upgrade of the webhost requiring a quick upgrade of the site preventing it to stop working made us first decide to discontinue the website. However thanks to the immense enthusiasm of our visitors who begged us to not stop the site, the decision was revoked and work on a (simple) 5th generation was started. This 5th version lacks things like advertisements and the RSS feed. However there still was room for improvement. The new site now features a responsive design ensuring the site is readable on multiple devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.

In 2003 the paper edition of the Kagan Kalender was discontinued and all focus was on the website. Popularity of the paper edition had declined and when distributing it at parties and concerts people thanked for it and all told us they simply consult the website. So it was an easy decision to stop the paper edition, saving us a lot of work. Still this paper edition of the Kagan Kalender will always live on in our memories as this genious idea that took the scene by storm. To keep this memory alive even longer you can see a scan of one of the many paper Kagan Kalender editions we’ve created over the years.

Papieren Kagan Kalender

Papieren Kagan Kalender