Radio History

The Kagan Radio show was aired on Radio Scorpio 106.0 FM, in Leuven and surroundings. Since some years now you can listen to the Radio Scorpio internet stream if you don’t live in the area. And Kagan could be enjoyed this way in its final years of existence as well.

The weekly radio show debuted in June 1992. It typically contained both new releases, classics as unknown gems in the wave, gothic, electro, industrial and related genres. Next to that music news was shared with the audience. Over the years many artists visited the studio and were interviewed by the Kagan crew, such as Dive, Suicide Commando, Numb, Eric Van Wonterghem (ex-Insekt), Image Transmission, Luk Van Acker, Das Ich, Breath Of Life and some local lesser known artists. A couple of years we aired a yearly top 100 that was compiled by our listeners themselves and by the huge amount of contributions we could but conclude the Kagan radio show was very popular.

In 2012 Kagan celebrated its 20th anniversary. It was a special year with a weekly Best Of or a themed selection from 3 decennia Wave and related genres. This anniversary year also was the final year of the Kagan radio show. (until September 2012). Recordings of past radio shows can be found on Mixcloud. In 2016  the Kagan Kalender website has been renewed again and simplied.