New KAGAN KALENDER website is live!

Welcome to the new KAGAN KALENDER website! As you can see the website is totally new! Many aspects have been improved, but the website is also simplified and some components have been discontinued.

The most important new feature of the new Kagan Kalender website is its responsive design. The website looks just as good on a PC, a tablet as on a smartphone. And thanks to the slide down events it only takes one click to see more details of an event, including a Google Map. Also the greater part of the Kagan Kalender is now bilingual (English & Dutch).

However with the new version of the Kagan Kalender both the RSS feed and the possibility to reserve an advertisement spot have been discontinued. And from now on adding events is only possible when you first register to the site.

Thanks to the massive responses we’ve got after our initial plans to discontinue the Kagan Kalender in full, we decided to continue after all with this (simplified) new version. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy visiting the website and find nice events and concerts to attend. And we also hope organisors and other enthousiasts will keep on adding great events.