Kagan Info

Kagan is a Belgian and Dutch organisation, started in June 1992. The organisation’s mission is the promotion of wave-gothic-electro-industrial music and all its related spin-off genres such as synth-pop, noise, dark-folk, ritual, cold soundscapes, pagan rock, dark techno, etc. Channels used are radio, DJ activities and of course this website.

A weekly radio show was our longest running activity. The shows were aired on radio Scorpio (Leuven). For a few years Kagan also organised some wave, gothic, electro en industrial parties. Over the years and even to this day from time to time Kagan DJs perform as a team or individually on various parties in Belgium and the Netherlands. The most active Kagan DJs are DJ Marc en djSPUD. DJ Marc is  most known for his gigs at the Wave Nights in Maastricht and GEWIN in Landgraaf. djSPUD was resident DJ at the Downward Spiral in Rotterdam a regular guest-DJ at Cyberia in Utrecht a.o..

In 1995 the Kagan Kalender was introduced. It started as a (bi)weekly paper newsletter listing a calendar of wave, gothic, electro and industrial parties and concerts in Belgium and the Netherlands. The Kagan Kalender website went live in 1997. Due to the growing popularity of the internet this website soon became extremely popular. Hence by the turning of the century the paper version of the Kagan Kalender was discontinued.

In 2006 the 4th and most successful version of the Kagan Kalender was released. From then on also events in Luxembourg were listed and as such the Kagan Kalender can truly be called THE wave gothic electro industrial party and concert calendar for the Benelux!

In 2012 Kagan celebrated its 20th anniversary. It was a special year with a weekly Best Of or a themed selection from 3 decennia Wave and related genres. This anniversary year also was the final year of the Kagan radio show. (until September 2012). Recordings of past radio shows can be found on Mixcloud. In 2016  the Kagan Kalender website has been renewed again and simplied.

You can contact Kagan via this email address webmaster@kagankalender.com.