KAGAN KALENDER now also supports online events!

Let’s hope it won’t take long anymore before we can attend concerts and parties again. In the meanwhile though it is (finally) possible to also submit virtual (online streaming) events to the KAGAN KALENDER. For a submitted event, the KAGAN KALENDER will show a broadcasting icon during the period the event is live. Clicking on…

KAGAN KALENDER privacy policy

Since also the KAGAN KALENDER is subject to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), AVG (Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming) in the Netherlands and Privacywet in Belgium its Privacy Policy has been published and offers its users the possibility to request their personal data and to have it deleted. All can be found on the Privacy Policy page.

KAGAN KALENDER now via secure https connection!

As of October 17th, the Kagan Kalender is only reachable via https. This means that all communication between your web browser and the web server is encrypted. For example, if you submit your password to login, this password will be encrypted before it’s sent to the web server. As such a hacker who is eavesdropping the…

New KAGAN KALENDER website is live!

Welcome to the new KAGAN KALENDER website! As you can see the website is totally new! Many aspects have been improved, but the website is also simplified and some components have been discontinued. The most important new feature of the new Kagan Kalender website is its responsive design. The website looks just as good on…