12 Nov 2005


Pruttelpower, Spud & Terror-Goth
Kade, Zaandam


Terror-Goth: Melotron-Dein meister The Azoic-Lost Diorama-The girls Plotslichmusik-Wer sind sie VNV Nation-Genesis (rmx)

Pruttel: Clan Of Xymox-Out of the rain Sara Noxx-Colder and colder Mind in a Box-Lost alone

Spud: IAMX-Kiss & swallow Apoptygma Berzerk-Is electronic love to blame

Pruttel: Bronski Beat-Smalltown boy NIN-The hand that feeds

Spud: Zeromancer-Something for the pain Android lust-Dragonfly Rotersand-Almost wasted

Pruttel: Covenant-Dead stars Neuroticfish-Wake me up Terminal Choice-Menschenbrecher Laibach-Achtung :Wumpscut:-Hang him higher Mondzucht-Tiefenspiel (rmx)

Terror-Goth: Suicide Commando-Hellraiser Sneaky Bat Machine-Disco for the dead

Pruttel: Shnarph!-Der liebe tod

Terror-Goth: Statik Sky-Torture and sadism

Pruttel: Manufactura-I tear your fucking heart out!

Terror-Goth: Combichrist-This shit will fuck you up

Pruttel: Suicide Commando-Sterbehlife (hocico mix)

Spud: Blutengel-Oxidising angel Deine Lakaien-Where you are Helium Vola-In lichter farbe steht der wald The Cruxshadows-foreverlast Londen After Midnight-Kiss DAF-Der mussolini And One-Panzermensch Grendel-Zombie Nation Image Transmission-Bloodstream

Pruttel: Psyclon Nine-Divine infect (tactical sekt mix) Feindflug-Glaubenskrieg Assemblage 23-Dissapoint Pride And Fall-Angel Wolfsheim-Find you here Namnambulu-Now or never Depeche Mode-Lilian The Cure-How beautiful you are Spandau Ballet-To cut a long story short

Spud: Fischerspooner-Emerge

Pruttel: Implant-You can watch Heimatearde-Die offenbach

Terror-Goth: Xotox-Eisenkiller Soman-Divine The Retrosic-Total war Terrorfact-

Pruttel: Arie en Bastiaan-De gabberclown

Terror-Goth: Dope Stars Inc.-Cyberpunk The Retrosic-Maneater Noisex-Industrial lady Soman- Unternull-The clock is ticking

Spud: NIN-Closer Diary Of Dreams-The curse Stillste Stund-Untertage Placebo-English summer rain Mesh-Little missile IAMX-Your joy is my low

Pruttel: De jeugd van tegenwoordig-watsgeburt?