A very special 5 0 and more

In 2004 for djSPUD’s 30th birthday his then girlfriend and DJ CO2 booked Iris for a concert in Baroeg. In 2009 Lakeside X was booked for his 35th birthday. In 2024 djSPUD will reach the big 5 0, so a very special event was needed. To celebrate his 50th birthday he presents mesh in Baroeg Rotterdam on Saturday April 6th 2024!! It will also be the final Donward Spiral dance night in the old Baroeg building, where, of course, DJ CO2 and me djSPUD will spin. The Dutch / British Dead Lights will be the support act.

Next to this latest edition of the Downward Spiral, djSPUD will also appear at yet another event. Just like the new Underdark, this is a brand new event and happening in Utrecht as well. Dark Dance in dBs will take place on Saturday February 24th 2024. Götterdämmerung and Consumer Junk will be performing on stage and DJ CCCP & djSPUD will be entertaining the audience on the dancefloor for the rest of the night.