djSPUD streams live on Dec 12th

The Cyberia Reunion stream tasted like more and djSPUD is joining another online DJ Set. He will be joining DJ CO2 on Dec 12th from 15:00 till 17:00 for the Baroeg goes live Wavefest vs Downward Spiral stream. The resident Baroeg DJs of Wavefest, 80s & More and The Downward Spiral will bring you a back-2-back set of 2 hours, live from the Baroeg itself! Let’s see how they achieve that still respecting COVID-19 regulations :) DJ CO2 & djSPUD will spin a mix of new and classic New Wave, Electro, EBM, Synthpop tracks and anything remotely related.

Move your chairs to the side, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy these 2 hours as if you were there with them in the Baroeg. Tune in to Baroeg’s Twitch channel.