djSPUD joins the Baroeg 40 Years live stream

May 6 marks the 40th birthday of music club Baroeg in Rotterdam. This incredible anniversary is celebrated with many live streams from May 6th till May 8th and concluded with a Quiz on May 9th. DJ CO2 and djSPUD will be part of these festivities and live stream a DJ set on Saturday May 8th starting at 22:00 till at least 0:00.

The resident Baroeg DJs of Wavefest, 80s & More and The Downward Spiral will again bring their familiar mix of New Wave, Electro, EBM, Synthpop tracks and anything remotely related! This time it will feature songs from acts that are part of the 40 years Baroeg history, some anecdotes of DJ CO2 and djSPUD will be shared and maybe a suprise here and there will be added.

Move your chairs to the side, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy these (at least) 2 hours as if you were there with them in the Baroeg. Tune in to Baroeg’s Twitch channel.